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Summer and winter activities

At Upper Orava are slightly cold meteorological conditions with strong differences during a year. The average temperature in July is 16.4 ۫C, in January – 5,6 ۫C and an average air temperature during the year is 4.6 ۫C. The temperature during a day in July changes from 18 to 25 ۫C, a maximum is over 30 ۫C. Due to advantageous configuration of the terrain there are excellent snow conditions from 60 to 100 cm. All of this creates ideal conditions for summer and winter turism and skiing. The list of ski resorts in this lokality you can find here (the list of ski resorts).

To the participants of tourism Upper Orava offers beautiful multifarious nature with pure strems and clear air. In summer is very refreshing the stay at Orava Reservoir, which you can spend by doing sport, fishing, undemanding and alpine tourism (summary of footpaths), cyclotourism (summary of bike routes), hunting and various attractions of country tourism and agrotourism. In winter you can enjoy unforgettable ski tourism and recreational skiing, evening programmes with folk traditions and gastronomic specialities. At Orava Reservoir and in its surrounding you can visit different events and you can do different activities in your free time (the list of events – summer, winter).

Next to the cottage there is a pond, in which you can almost during all year catch a real trout. The success of fishing is 100% guaranteed. The price of 1 kg of real weight is 4 €.

Orava Castle in Oravsky Podzamok.
The oldest historic monument of Orava region is Orava Castle. From 1370 it was the seat of the Orava county and the seat of a palatine. The centre of Orava Castle dates back to the 13the century, later in the 15-16th century it was enlarged by a middle gothic and lover renaissance part. Today we can find here the Orava Museum with remarkable archeological and folk collections.
Slanicky Art Island.
In the village Slanica, drown in the water of Orava land, was erst a church at the top of the hill. Even today it is at its usual place, however, with a difference that from the hill has become an island in the middle of Orava Reservoir, that is now called The Art Island. In the church there is solidly installed exhibition of Slovak art creation. You can find here also the statue of Anton Bernolak, the first codifier of the first Slovak literary language, who was born in Slanica. The lapidarium can be seen here as well. It is possible to visit The Slanicky Art Island on the boat on Orava Reservoir.
Bird´s Island.
Bird´s Island – a nature sight in the middle of Orava Reservoir and natural harbour for waterfowl. Its area is 1.5 HA. 9 bird species nest here – seagull, fisher, canvasback and many others. It is the most significant rookery of waterfowl in Northern Slovakia.
Gamekeeper´s Cottage of Hviezdoslav at Slana Voda.
Unforgettable is the gamekeeper´s cottage at Rovne in the middle of Old Wives' or Witches' Mountain – Babia Hora, where the great Slovat poet Pavol Orzsagh Hviezdoslav wrote his epic collection Hajnikova žena. The poet was inspired by the beutiful nature around the cottage and by kindness of people, whom he often visited during his stay in Namestovo. Very named after the poet who often walked on it.
The Logging Back Swath Railway at Oravska Lesna
The greatest attraction is the narrow-gauge railway in Oravska Lesna, which is the only one of its kind in Europe. In past it was used for the transport of wood and also as a link of two Slovak regions – Orava and Kysuce. This landmark is with difficulties being kept in working after a long pause also due to the fact that it was proclaimed as national technical and cultural sight.
The Museum of Orava Village – Open air museum in Zuberec
The wooden houses which were in past built at Orava – land of weavers, shepherds and peasants, date back to the 15th century. These valuable buildings with their simple interiors and artistically decorated wooden churches – the most beutiful works of folk art today create the basis of The Museum of Orava Village in Zuberec. The open air museum is situated below Brestova, in magnificient nature scenery of The Western Tatras – Rohačov.
Thermal spa – Oravice
Thermal spa Oravice is situated on the boundary of regions Liptov and Orava, close to the borderline with Poland. It is 40 km far from the guest house LIMBA. Thermal spa is very agreeably situated, as it is at the edge of woods in quiet mountains. Water reaches the temperature from 36 to 38 ۫C. You can find here 2 swimming pools, playground for beach volleyball and refreshment stands.

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