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Footpaths and tourist ascents:

Educative path Orava Reservoir – year-long and undemanding path, walking through the waterside of Orava Reservoir from the Hotel Junior club 2 km from Namestovo towards the Klin, round the slaughterhouse on the way to the cross in Belkovka, where is a magnificient view on Orava Reservoir, Polish and Slovak villages, The Western Tatras (Rohace), The Bird´s Island and Slanicky Island. The road then takes you into the Riečka Valley, where is our recreational facility.

Oravske Vesele – Pilsko – summer and autumn mid-demanding ascent to the top of Pilsko – 1557 m above sea level.

Old Wives' or Witches' Mountain – Babia Hora – tourist ascent at the beginning of September and in new year. Alpine ascent to Babia Hora, which is organized in March is possible only on the marked path.

Through the Magurka on skis – this event is organized in March through the ridge of Magura.

Educative path Slana Voda – Babia Hora – Markowe Sczaviny – year-long mid-demanding path, a part of marked pathway (yellow mark). On this tour we can see former spa Slana Voda, Hviezdoslav´s Parway, Gamekeeper´s Cottage and national natural reservoir Babia Hora.

The Cottage Slana Voda– Tourist path through Vonzovec, Borsucie, Mala Babia Hora, Brana and Babia Hora.

The Hike through Oravske Diely– the tour goes from Bobrov through Zubrohlava to Rabcice and ens in Gamekeeper´s Cottage of Hviezdoslav.

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