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Free time

  • voyage on the boat on Orava Reservoir
  • visit of permanent exposition of folk sacral art “Slovak traditional folk carving and painting”, tombs of Klinov, an exhibition dedicated to villages, which were drawned by Orava Reservoir
  • Riecka – summer – picking of mushrooms and fruits
  • Riecka – the stream of mineral water with egg flavour steams here
  • Oravska Jasenica – during winter season ice-rink from natural ice
  • Chata Slaná voda – Hviezdoslavová hájovňa, Przywarówka, Veľká Lipnica a Bobrov


  • The Europe Championship in fast motorboats on Orava Reservoir – August
  • Woodcutter – The Slovak and The Czech Republic Championship – waterfront of Orava Reservoir – August, the fellow organizer is ŽOFA Námestovo, approved seller of Husqvarna, which is simultaneously exhibiting wood and garden technology
  • Traditional open markets are held in April and then in October on Simon and Juda´s name-day
  • Building of birchs – competition of villages on the eve of 1st May – waterfront of Orava Reservoir
  • The festival of choir music in Namestovo – May
  • Cottage Slana voda - Gamekeeper´s Cottage of Hviezdoslav, Przywarowka, Velka Lipnica a Bobrov
  • Local tour of dilletantish theatres – May
  • The music summer Orava – concert of classical music and choirs – Slanica Art Island – June, July
  • Breweries celebrations – traditions of beer and open air markets of Orava – July – August
  • Riecka – ski footrace during the February for all age categories –“Jasenice fifteen” and during a winter season a possibility of cross-country skiing (tours to the neighbourhood)

Tel: (+421) 043 552 5215

The cottage Žofka